NEW! Elementary School Power Point

Creating understanding is one of the keys to developing a more welcoming and successful classroom environment for students with PWS. Rob and Debra Lutz, parents of Isabella, created this PowerPoint to promote understanding and awareness in Isabella’s elementary school classroom. In a fun and effective way this PowerPoint presentation helps classmates learn about the syndrome and what to expect when sharing a classroom with a student with PWS. This presentation helps to encourage stronger peer relationships and support for a student with PWS, and it enriches the world and understanding of all students as they learn the important lesson that every person is unique, has challenges, and needs support. We invite you to adapt and use this PowerPoint presentation for your child’s classroom.

You can download this from the PWSA (USA) Web site and revise it to fit your child.


About pwsatoday

PWSA (USA) is an organization of families and professionals working together to raise awareness, offer support, provide education and advocacy, and promote and fund research to enhance the quality of life of those affected by Prader-Willi syndrome.
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